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Analsex – What to do when it taps at the backdoor?

What is the last bastion in couples sex? Exactly, the anal sex! Have you ever tried it? And if you’ve ever tried it, how was it? Was it the greatest thing you’ve ever done? Was it unpleasant? Do you never want to do it again? Anal sex is the most polarizing sexual practice at all.

Some start dreaming when they think about how they did it last time or will do it again, the others find it just painful and unpleasant. The dreamers are usually doing the men and those who do not want the fun are usually the women.

And so sociable the topic is not that you exchange experiences to make anal sex even more enjoyable for both sides. You may not believe it, but there are also many women who are totally on anal sex and get shining eyes if they only think about it. Because if you do it properly, the anal sex for both sexual partners is a bliss and no torture.

What is really great about anal sex?

As a rule, it is the guys, who absolutely want to try anal sex. What is that actually? What is really so great to put something in the butt of the partner? Sex toys, fingers, tongue or tail? Because it is forbidden because it is tight and because it is intimate.

And some internists probably suspect that the lords of creation find it so great to put themselves in the buttocks, that they want to make this pleasure also their partner. To that it is something very intimate and beautifully messed up.

In addition, it is a very nice and clear confidence when a woman allows her partner to penetrate the anal anal with her. And it gives the man the feeling of being even closer to his partner. Also for women, such a form of devotion is something very intimate and special.

In addition, the Po is beautiful, which results in a particularly strong stimulation of the man. And since the sphincter is spiked with a lot of fine nerves, it is also a special experience for the woman. This experience can be so strong for a woman that she can even come to an orgasm. Sounds weird! But is so!

How does not this sex go?

The whole thing can only end badly if you are not prepared properly and is acting silly. If the man like a depp simply has his cock in the buttocks of a woman rams the still zero experience with it, it should be the last time that the woman has taken part.

Then, for all time, she will pass away with pleasure. But we do not want to frighten our partner but have fun with it. Since there are a few trifles to consider, then the anal sex for both sexes for pleasure.

How is it right?

In anal sex, trust is everything, so you should make clear arrangements beforehand and prepare your partner for what he or she expects. You should not try to persuade your partner too stubbornly.

If someone clearly says „no“ and thereby shows that he is not yet ready, one should accept this without if and but. And besides, if you have the feeling to decide for yourself, there may be some surprise, and you ask yourself out of curiosity.

And how does it continue?

Begin to relax your partner with a loving massage and take it as a person and show her that they respect her.

Slowly push your way and make sure it is relaxed. If her partner is relaxed and familiar she is ready. Nothing is worse than fear and tense muscles.

When she is relaxed and has completely given herself to them, she can gently massage her anus, take her fingers or a little sex toy.

Spit is not a lubricant!

The most important remedy for a pain-free anal sex is the lubricant! There are many different suppliers and you can also order it in neutral packaging on the Internet, if you are going to go into a sex shop to buy lubricants for pop-sex.

The anus produces, in contrast to the vagina, no fluid when penetrating the penis. This is the reason for the pain which women often feel during anal sex! With some security to 99%. For the most part anal sex is a fixed idea and you just want to try it without lubricants.

Once on the anus rotzen brings nothing, because spit is from water and helps as good as nothing.

If you feel that the anus of your partner is relaxed and you can easily get three fingers into the butt of your partner you can start to introduce your penis.

First let her glans loosely slip in and out again. Your partner will show you when she wants more. Also say calmly that she should beg more. If you want to hit the first time, then you should do it very slowly and gradually get faster.

It is also helpful if your partner puts her in the riding position and decides for herself how deeply she „has him“ in him. You may be surprised at how deeply you like it.

And after the anal sex you should definitely cuddle, for a woman this is something very special and that strengthens the sense of togetherness.

Have fun with the pop-sex!